New aesthetics - responsible design, designer's responsibility.

New aesthetics - responsible design, designer's responsibility.


Dates & opening hours: 16th - 19th September 2021, 8:00 am - 11:00 pm
Adress: PURO Hotel, ul. Ogrodowa 16, 91-065 Łódź
Vernissage: 16th September, 8:00 pm

Manufacturing new things is not and never will be good for the planet. But production is not about to disappear. Due to the ubiquitous dominance of the buy-use-throw-away model, companies that make clothes and accessories are among those with the most on their conscience. That has to change. What can we do? Anna Orska, jewelry designer and pioneer of upcycling in Polish jewelry industry, points the direction of change. She reached for non-standard elements, trying to give them a second life and noble jewelry form before it became fashionable. She created jewelry from lead soldiers, old coins and clock mechanisms, tableware from her family home, used electronic and car parts.

Excessive consumption and thoughtless shopping are not in line with the DNA of ORSKA brand, which she founded 11 years ago. She does not follow fashion or temporary trends, she creates timeless things. She is rebellious and uncompromising. She believes that the sum of small steps is a huge change, so she boldly experiments, looking for new, more responsible solutions.

The "New Aesthetics" project is an attempt to redefine aesthetics. It is a story not only about form, but also about material, process and responsibility. It is an attempt to include responsibility in the design process. Finally, it is a set of relevant questions in a world threatened by ecological crisis. Can a small change have a major impact? Should the designer take responsibility for what they have produced? And finally, what will we leave behind; what artifacts will anthropologists of the future dig up? Anna Orska seeks answers to these questions in her style. At the exhibition she presents collections from the last two years, which are the stuff of personal search, responsibility and commitment. A small step in the right direction will not change everything at once. But it is an exciting start that can inspire others. We are all responsible. Each of us has an influence.

Projects presented at the exhibition:

  • Jewlery from collection New Stone
  • Vegan bags from collection Vivo
  • Extreme Sport

Curator: Monika Pawłowska,