DESIGN: Magda Dziewit



make me! 2021


“Huddle” is a furniture set designed for office and coworking spaces.


The research question “How might we design workspaces that support collaboration?” set the project’s goal on offering users an easily rearrangeable and customizable solution for both individual and collaborative work.


The set consists of a desk and a shelving unit, which serves as storage and a standing desk. Both elements have high back frames for mounting acoustic panels smoothly fitting to the metal structure.


This combination of the horizontal space with a vertical surface, alongside maximizing the available workspace, increases the user’s comfort by providing privacy in an open space.


The industrial character of workshop furnishings is referenced through durable materials in a modern aesthetic.


“Huddle” furniture fits not only office spaces but can also be a base for remote working by different household members – a work area integrated with the rest of the interior at home.

Huddle, design: Magda Dziewit / from designer’s archive

Huddle, design: Magda Dziewit / from designer’s archive

Huddle, design: Magda Dziewit / from designer’s archive

Magda Dziewit

A product designer currently living in Berlin. She graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam with a degree in product design. She gains her professional experience working for llot llov Designstudio in Berlin and through her personal projects. She is particularly interested in creating sustainable products and putting users’ needs first. At the same time, her love for craftsmanship and the haptics of materials play an important role in her designs. She mainly creates furniture, ceramics and experiments with new materials.