PROJECT:  Joanna Jurga



make me! 2015


“NURN” is a project of biodegradable urn with a new burial ceremony at sea, in reference to the Slavic tradition, using local raw materials and technology. “NURN” – ceremony / new funeral rites for people not associated with any applicable / available farewell ceremony. “NURN” is individualization of urn, the way of its exposure in the hall of farewells, projection and specially composed music conveys the mood of the sea – the last stop on the road. “NURN” is an urn made from pure cellulose on sterile cotton rack that after sinking in the sea is fully biodegradable, without burdening the ecosystem of the sea. Urns made by local craftsmen are to be carried into the sea by cooperation with the fishermen, because the law requires that the funeral can take place three miles from shore. Urn form refers to the organic shapes – marine and indigenous beliefs of the peoples of the Baltic Sea area. Especially for the project a new technology was developed, as well as the material for the urn. The formation process is simple and environmentally friendly, allows for cooperation with local craftsmen or socially excluded people. The project itself assumes the utmost respect for human ashes as well as links to local traditions and beliefs, without prejudice to the existing ethics and social norms. An alternative to the existing reality.

NURN, design: Joanna Jurga / from the designer’s archive

NURN, design: Joanna Jurga / from the designer’s archive

Joanna Jurga

Joanna Jurga has graduated at Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw, Interior design department, faculty design exhibitions, as well as Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, design department.