A Polish Home. The Book of Design

A Polish Home. The Book of Design

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A Polish Home. The Book of Design is a multidisciplinary exhibition of Polish industrial design, inspired a book by Małgorzata Czyńska’s book, who also agreed to be the exhibition’s curator. The exhibition of the most interesting Polish design items is complemented by video-cards of top Polish designers and by catalogue, it also received substantive support from a large number of experts/speakers.

The exhibition A Polish Home. The Book of Design is also a pretext to start a discussion on regional identity, which is often expressed in objects. Design is, after all, more than beautiful objects of everyday use, it is also the hero of today’s and yesterday’s world. Among the exhibited items you can find top representatives of Polish design – there will be Roman Modzelewski’s iconic “RM 58,” “The Tulip” armchair designed by Teresa Kruszewska, original ceramics by Danuta Duszniak, Marek Cecuła, phenomenal glass pieces by prof. Zbigniew Horbowy or Jan Sylwester Drost, iconic figurines by Lubomir Tomaszewski, Oskar Zięta’s “Plopp” and also new, complementary objects designed by Monika Skorupska from MOSKO or contemporary designs of furniture objects by Tomasz Augustyniak and Krystian Kowalski.

Exhibition designers: Małgorzata Czyńska, Monika Petryczko.

List of objects:

  1. Porcelain coffee-tea set “Kula” designed by Bogdan Wendorf, 1932/1933.
  2. “Rock and roll” and “Flora” vases designed by Danuta Duszniak, 1957.
  3. Figurine “Sitting Girl” designed by Henryk Jędrasiak, 1958.
  4. “RM58” armchair designed by Roman Modzelewski, 1958.
  5. Porcelain coffee set “Dorota” designed by Lubomir Tomaszewski, 1961.
  6. Figurine “Girl in Pants” by Lubomir Tomaszewski, 1961.
  7. Vase, the so-called “Donkey” designed by Czesław Zuber, 1968.
  8. “Antico” glass designed by prof. Zbigniew Horbowy, 1960s.
  9. “The Tulip” armchair designed by Teresa Kruszewska, 1973.
  10. Dessert plates from “Asteroid” series designed by J. S. Drost, 1975.
  11. Ceramics various sets designed by Marek Cecuła, 1995-2016.
  12. “PLOPP” stool designed by Oskar Zięta, 2005/2006.
  13. Vase “Kristal” designed by Monika Skorupska, 2015.
  14. The “Rondo” mirror designed by Oskar Zięta, 2017.
  15. Figurine “Bear” designed by Monika Skorupska, 2016.
  16. Carpet “Vindum” designed by Maja Ganszyniec, 2017.
  17. Accessories “Otoki” designed by Maja Ganszyniec, 2018.
  18. “Anvil Home” bookcase designed by Krystian Kowalski; 2018.
  19. “Circus” table designed by Krystian Kowalski; 2018.
  20. “Nome” chair designed by Tomasz Augustyniak, 2021.