From Poland. Selection Łódź Design Festival

From Poland. Selection Łódź Design Festival

Dates & opening hours: 16th - 19th September 2021, 8:00 am - 11:00 pm
Adress: Art_Inkubator at Fabryka Sztuki, ks. bp. Wincentego Tymienieckiego 3, Lodz
Location: A22, C0, C1, glass hall, Art_Inkubator at Fabrka Sztuki

Meetings with designers in the exhibition space: September 16 / Thursday / 6:30 pm

The exhibition will feature the projects of the following Polish brands:


DEKORAMI (lmust have 2021)
Collection of contemporary wallpaper designs inspired by nature and art; printed with ecological water-based inks. Biolen wallcoverings were created with the environment in mind, in the spirit of the slogan "good for you, good for the planet".

SQUARE DROP (must have 2021)
The ODDITY furniture collection is the result of cooperation between the Square Drop brand and the Kosmos Project studio.
The design of the furniture and the way it is finished emphasize the sculptural character of the solids. The collection was created using only Polish raw materials and in cooperation with local craftsmen. The furniture is made of solid ash wood, upholstered with polish wool, the stone comes from the deposits of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains, and the elements of cast-iron and brass fittings are made by local foundries and locksmiths. The collection’s typology refers to historical furniture, emphasizing the roots of the Square Drop brand.

SPLOT KILIM (must have 2021)
There's a recurring question - in what ways can a kilim be used? Historically, kilims were used in many different ways, for instance they were displayed during special occasions, as a wedding carpet (echoed by today's wedding carpet runners), or as a coffin cover at funerals. Kilims were used as bed covers, floor rugs, lambrequins, bedheads, or were hung on walls to soundproof, insulate or simply decorate the space. In Splot, we consider kilims an element of life’s scenery, with a multitude of uses, not giving it a definite function other than enjoyment.

The presentation of the kilim trilogy by Piotr Niklas - Dawn (awarded with the Must Have prize), Zenit and Twilight (having its public premiere), is accompanied by a performance by Maria Ewa Toboła.

WOOD REPUBLIC (must have 2017)
A family manufacture in which handmade, bespoke furniture is made. They have developed a certain way of finishing it, thanks to which the surface of the furniture is satin smooth. You just have to touch these beauties...

Each piece is made entirely in our workshop, we do not create mass items. They refine every centimetre of the product, as details make up the whole.
They look at every project individually and the result comes from our mutual communication. They will design a unit from scratch in collaboration with you.

Wood Republic are not afraid of challenging spaces into which we fit storage, kitchen and bathroom units.
Extraordinary ideas always give us wings! They have created an extraordinary team that puts a lot of heart to be sure that the furniture that reaches your home is of the highest quality.

THE MOST (must have 2020)
We want the most - manifesto
We are rebelling against uniformity and safe solutions when it comes to textile design; we want to give artists back their voice.

We want unique and more original designs. Good design should be everywhere, not just in galleries and academies.
We want to produce natural and eco-friendly fabrics. Down with poliester!
We want to restore and modernise old weaving techniques and use them to create exclusive textiles using machines.
Our fabrics should speak about us as individuals instead of the latest trends.

FOONKA (must have 2020)
In response to full equipment and supplies, Foonka. presents the latest 2020 technology inspired by hardware technology for nature. The three new patterns that now differ from now exist, now relate to the problem, however, of the us world world. Three bedding collections: Summer, Sunset, Aqua.

HANCZAR STUDIO (must have 2016, must have 2021)
The ‘JM Chair’ is an example of a design where the adoption of appropriate principles is used to optimize the entire longevity of a piece from it’s manufacturing, transport through to assembly and repair. It is an example of a design that fulfills its function and is "nothing more than what is needed - lagom". The reduction of material, technological and energy excess and the inspiration drawn from the Shakers craftsmanship and Japanese style results in a way of thinking about a design that truly and fully keeps the use of resources and energy at its forefront.

EMANUI (must have 2021)
Being a newly launched brand, Emanui contributes to our values to promote healthier and sustainable menstrual solutions, but also to empower menstruating people in feeling safe. With a non-stigmatising designed product, using it challenges the taboo around menstruation by making their owners proud.

The TEXTURE collection has been inspired by the textures of the world around us. A short moment of observation is enough to see the wonderful shapes and textures created by waves in the sand, clouds or the unique texture of natural leather. In order to transfer these inspiring forms to our beloved marble, we had to find technologies that would allow us to achieve a similar effect on stone. Finlly, after a few attempts, we gave it a texture you could feel with your hand without affecting the convenience of everyday use. This was also the first time we decided to use wood and wool in our furniture series. The TEXTURE collection is a joy for the senses!

TAR (must have 2015, must have 2018, must have 2021)
Zeppelin lamps combine a passion for lamp design with a nostalgic vision of traditional aircraft design and model-making.

DONDÉ DOMINIKA (must have 2020)
Dondé's works are characterized by subtlety and delicacy, as well as a certain ambiguity of form. Porcelain in Dominika's hands becomes an almost poetic matter. Nothing is obvious here. Even a bowl or a plate made by the artist can surprise with its shape.

ELEMENTUJ (must have 2021)
Tylko powrót do natury może pozytywnie wpłynąć na nasze zdrowie i samopoczucie. Nieważne czy wybierasz jazdę na rowerze po lesie, spacer, czy pracujesz w domu, czy w biurze - kontakt z zielenią pomaga odzyskać równowagę.

BORCAS (must have 2017, must have 2020)
Get inspired - discover the minimalist and timeless furniture by borcas. The exhibition will include the following furniture: flow desk (new), hall console, and edge shelves.

EMBASSY INTERIORS (must have 2021)
The exhibition presents glass LAMPS by EMBASSY INTERIORS, a project carried out in collaboration with one of the few traditional glassworks still operating in Poland.

At Embassy we cultivate a long tradition of craftsmanship which has existed in Poland for centuries, now somewhat forgotten but still has a chance to be appreciated, thanks to projects like ours.

At EMBASSY we believe in a world in which we will put limits on our needs, where we will buy thoughtfully and even more thoughtfully dispose of things. A world in which our surroundings will be complemented by objects of timeless and unpretentious shape, made from materials friendly for the environment.

Modernist aesthetics in a subtle feminine interpretation is the hallmark of our brand EMBASSY INTERIORS. Embassy lamps are created by hand, with great attention to detail. Traditionally blown glass lampshades refer to the iconic designs of the Bauhaus era. The contemporary, geometrically disciplined language of details, made of noble materials, gives the designs a unique flair.

VANK (multiple award winner must have)
VANK offers a new collection - RING. This wide family of furniture is intended for arranging meeting places in offices, hotels, coworking spaces and other public places. It includes cozy, comfortable bucket armchairs, lounge armchairs, sofas, pouffes and tables that will be found in both minimalist, boho, vintage or art deco style facilities.

ZACZYN (must have 2018, must have 2019, must have 2021)
ZACZYN combines contemporary design with the work of experienced craftspeople and factories boasting a long tradition. With its carefully selected materials, areas of expertise developed over the years and a strong design identity, ZACZYN is a brand offering exceptional, high-quality products with a timeless slant.

MIUFORM (must have 2020)
Lockdown has verified our conception of home. It’s symbolic meaning became an experience. Staying at home for most of the day and with all members of our household made us critical on the point of its functionality and our personal needs.

A living room - up until now the most representative part of our home, sometimes furnished just for effect, suddenly became a location for remote work, children’s playground, school class and a place to relax… all at the same time!
Is it at all possible to reconcile all these needs?

“Better NOW” is our proposal of interior design allowing for 100% functionality AT THE MOMENT we need. Quick change? Relocation? Suddenly living alone or with family? Present-day nomadism is not only travelling, it also denotes our acceptance of insecure reality, feeling good at place we are staying just NOW. Miuform designs modular furniture, which can quickly change their functions or our interior’s needs. We aim to create resilient design with a strong focus on sustainable production – mindful use of natural resources, size optimalisation for ecological transport, involving recycled materials such as fabrics. All of these, combined with price affordability of well-designed products make our NOW better.

Newest projects: Miu Magic sofa 3-osobowa: project – Agnieszka Możdżer; Miu Magic fotel: project – Agnieszka Możdżer; Nomad System Lproject  Agnieszka Możdżer; Nomad System Sproject  Agnieszka Możdżer; One Sofa System fotelproject  Michał Tokarski; Puf Miufproject  Agnieszka Możdżer

BOZZETTI (must have 2021)
The essence of the project is the material processing process developed by us - colorless tracing paper - the proprietary technology, consisting in repeated manual dyeing and impregnation of this material, completely changes its characteristics, allowing it to be sewn and riveted, which inspired us to construct using a variety of spatial structures. The dyeing process makes the obtained effect always unrepeatable, the palette of possible colors is limited only by your imagination.

The TAFT table and bench is a response to the needs of modern society living in increasingly smaller spaces. Everyone needs asylum and escape, but the pandemic and post-pandemic reality has shown us even more clearly how important it is for our health to function in our home, which has become, for many of us, an office, gym or school in a short time. Therefore, properly planned space of 40, 60 or 80 m2 allows us to function better.

ENOVIO (must have 2020)
The exhibition presents several different elements of architecture which, equipped with small photovoltaic panels, become self-sufficient objects that produce energy. We show the alternative use of photovoltaics, which is an integral part of the products. The generated energy can be used for lighting, controlling functions, collecting and sending information or charging mobile devices. Thanks to the energy independence of the products, we do not additionally burden the network, we produce energy in a zero-emission manner, and each product can operate anywhere, completely independent of the municipal or home infrastructure.

The exhibition will present the latest products from the offer of two companies that develop innovative products using photovoltaics - Enovio and Solarbreaker. The presented products include a city bench, dispenser, Zip Solar outdoor blind and facade shutter.