24:4 for Poland

The 17th edition of the international make me! competition turned out to be particularly lucky for the authors of 28 of the 156 submitted projects the vast majority of them from Poland. Who will receive prizes from the pool of 50,000 PLN?


The international design make me! competition is one of the most innovative design events in Europe and a key part of the Łódź Design Festival. Its most important goal is to forecast upcoming trends and support designers making their professional debut People who have participated in previous editions of the competition particularly appreciate in it that it gives them the opportunity to make a name for themselves in the design community. Most often they mention that participation in make me! has helped them build recognition  thanks to, among other things, the exhibition accompanying the competition and presented at the LDF, or numerous publications in the media”, adds Michał Piernikowski, make me! jury and director of the Lodz Design Festival.


This year’s competition jury composed of: Joanna Krokosz, Tomek Rygalik, Kaja Werbanowska, Kasia Kabo i Tomek Pydo, Michał Piernikowski analyzed all 156 applications for hours, studied descriptions, technical documents and graphic designs… After long deliberations culminating in a vote, 28 projects were selected for the final of the competition – now the last challenge remained before their authors: the presentation at the exhibition at the Łódź Design Festival. This is when everything will finally be decided!


The results of make me! 2024 will be announced on May 21 at 18:00, during the opening gala of the Łódź Design Festival. Competing for the financial prizes, from a pool of PLN 50,000, are:

  1. Mária BačováInvisible_Animals (Slovakia)
  2. Janek Beau – Designed to Die (Germany) 
  3. Anna DudziakSocial dimension of musicSoundset  the set of modular instruments for the purpose of creating different kinds of group relations, jam sessions and sound experiments. (Poland)
  4. Mateusz Frąszczak, Sara IwanowskaRoom divider for Wrocław Children’s HospiceKokoszka” multifunctional screen supporting medical staff and “house of rest” residents. (Poland)
  5. Maja GóralczykSea-friendly beach accessories (Poland) 
  6. Zofia HernasUtul a set of products for women in maternity wards (Poland) 
  7. Magdalena Jugo – Regional Dreaming (Poland)
  8. Julia KarnaśNeighbourhood Climate Shelter (Poland) 
  9. Gabriela Kawińskathe forest (Poland)
  10. Marcin KitalaA Modern Interpretation of the Krakow Nativity Scene (Poland)
  11. Zofia KobusFugi design of one-person tent integrated with the backpack intended for outdoor survival and hiking (Poland) 
  12. Patryk MadanyProject aiding therapy for individuals with Tourette Syndrome (Poland) 
  13. Nicola MichańkówCultivation creativity for parents and children (Poland)
  14. Anna Milczanowska, Aleksandra Mytnik – AB72 (Poland)
  15. Beata Mielus – Pont (Poland)
  16. Agnieszka OdziemkowskaEcho a tool to support conversation about loss (Poland)
  17. Basia PruszyńskaVernacular Light /folk in a new light/ (Poland) 
  18. Piotr PrykNew methods of shaping sheet steel using a furniture series as an example (Poland)
  19. Piotr PrykEnhancing fine motor skills, a design of an orthosis using FDM 3D printing technology to assist in the rehabilitation of individuals with hand spasticity (Poland)
  20. Antoni RzepkaRecycled skateboard decks furniture design (Poland)
  21. Daria SokolnickaHood of a trekking jacket with head protection function (Poland)
  22. Nils Sorger / (In Cooperation with Manufacturer PROTIQ) Solo (Germany)
  23. Staś Stupkiewicz – Weave (Poland)
  24. Dominik Syska – Switch Concept (Poland)
  25. Zofia WawrzyniakForest Observations (Poland)
  26. Jacobo Cuesta Wolf – New Grid (Germany) 
  27. Sebastian Zgutka1Source Orthopedic zerowaste footwear made with 3D printing (Poland)
  28. Justyna ŻakI DISAPPEAR (Poland) 


Partner of the make me! competition and the founder of make me! INTERPRINT Award is INTERPRINT Polska.