Victor Papanek in his book “Design for the Real World” wrote: Design is the most powerful tool known so far for man shaping his own products and the environment, and therefore himself. Inspired by this thought, the organizers of the 10th anniversary edition of the Łódź Design Festival, together with invited designers and curators, wondered how the identity of creators and recipients is manifested through design. Answers were sought to the question of what shapes the identity of the places we live in, and the business block discussed what features define well-designed objects.

The anniversary was also an opportunity to sum up, make plans for the future and reflect on the role that surrounding objects play in our lives. A specially prepared anniversary exhibition allowed viewers to look back and trace the development of the festival since its first edition in 2007.



The Festival exhibitions included e.g.:

  • “Echoes from Finland”, organizer: Embassy of Finland

  • “Squat. Art and technology in Drostów projects”, organizer: priv. magazine

  • “RETROSPECTS. Polish design at the beginning of the 21st century”, curator: Anna Diduch, author: Magda Jasińska, organizer: Wood&Paper

  • “Eye—dentity — Poster Stories”, organizer: Łódź Design Festival 

  • Re:made OBJECTS”, organizer: Centrum Designu Gdynia, Pomeranian Science and Technology Park

  • People, Process or Place — what is most important when designing an office?”, organizer: Nowy Styl Group

  • “Design against the background of tradition Ćmielów Design Studio”, organizer: Polskie Fabryki Porcelain Ćmielów i Chodzież S.A.

  • pavilions with exhibitions prepared by: Slide, Slabb, Manufaktura in Bolesławiec, Fluffo, Mardom Decor, Vzór, Centrum Architekta, CAD Projekt K&A, Inteligentny Budynek Polska, Deante, Instal-Projekt, Pozbruk

Exhibition / ph. Adam Kozłowski

Exhibition / ph. Adam Kozłowski

Exhibition / ph. Aleksandra Szajnecka

Exhibition / ph. Adam Kozłowski

Exhibition / ph. Łukasz Piernikowski

Exhibition / ph. Łukasz Piernikowski

Exhibition / ph. Łukasz Piernikowski

Exhibition / ph. Łukasz Piernikowski

_make me! 


Until the 9th edition of make me! in 2016, 218 applications were received. The jury consisted of Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka, Czesława Frejlich, Jakub Koźniewski, Agata Nowotny, Jacek Ryń and Michał Piernikowski. 24 finalists were selected and competed for the main prize of PLN 20,000 funded by the Patron of the Festival Ceramika Paradyż. The post-competition exhibition was presented in the Festival Center in Art_Inkubator at the Art Factory in Łódź.


The winner were:

  • main prize make me! Paradyż Award in the amount of PLN 20.000, funded by Ceramika Paradyż: Urban instrument – Jan Pfeifer (Poland) 

  • special prize make me! (trip to Furniture Days workshops at the Interprint headquarters in Arnsberg, Germany), funded by Interprint: Dashes Marta Morawska-Omalecka (Poland) 

  • special prize make me! (iPhone 6S), funded by Aquaform Lighting Solutions: MIO – Tóth Balázs (Hungary) 

  • make me! distinction (learning about the product development and implementation process using the latest prototyping and life cycle management technologies in Nowy Styl Group factories & workshop with experts from the Space Planning Department), funded by Nowy Styl Group: Bono – Alicja Sieradzka (Poland)

_must have 


In 2016, took place the 6th edition of the must have plebiscite, which gathered as many as 500 product entries. The Board of Expert composed of: Michał Bachowski, Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka, Agnieszka Gruszczyńska-Hyc, Anna Grużewska, Michał Mazur, Zuzanna Skalska and Ewa Solarz awarded the must have quality mark to 70 products. The exhibition presenting the honorees took place in the Festival Center in Art_Inkubator at the Art Factory in Łódź.

_events and quests


During 10th ŁDF took place e.g.:: 

  • presentation “How Poles want to live” summary of research results and report prepared by Agata salons and TNS Polska, guests: Magdalena Rumas (TNS Polska), Katarzyna Rzehak (design critic), organizer: Salon Agata

  • meeting “New Process…”, guest: Oskar Zięta

  • debate “RELATIONSHIP DESIGNING space as a tool for building social relationships”, moderated by Agnieszka Gruszczyńska-Hyc (M jak Mieszkanie)

  • meeting “Identity in the design of things and brands”, participants: Ewa Klekot (School of Form, University of Warsaw), Marek Cecuła (Ćmielów Design Studio, Polskie Fabryki Porcelain “Ćmielów” and “Chodzież”), Katarzyna Owczarek (Shopping Experience Manager IKEA) , Rafał Domaradzki (Director of the Marketing Department, Ceramika Paradyż), Bart Zimny (VORM), conducted by: Michał Mazur (

  • walk “We Don’t Ignore the City” Urban Culture Club: An architectural walk along the trail of Łódź modernism, led by: Piotr Tomczyk (city guide)

  • meeting “10 years of Architecture in Poland” presentations of the best Polish architectural studios, guests: Zbigniew Maćków (Maćków Pracownia Projektowa), Tomasz Konior (Konior Studio), Ewa Kuryłowicz (Authorska Pracownia Architektury Kuryłowicz & Associates), Bogusław Barnaś (BXBStudio), Maciej Miłobędzki (JEMS Architekci), Robert Majkut (Robert Majkut Design), Anna Grabowska (AGG Architekci Grupa Grabowski), moderator: Filip Springer (reporter, photographer)

  • over 30 workshops for children and a special zone “Playroom under the IKEA roof”

Workshops / ph. Adam Kozłowski

Workshops / ph. Adam Kozłowski

10 years of Architecture in Poland / ph. Adam Kozłowski

Event / ph. Łukasz Piernikowski

Exhibition / ph. Łukasz Piernikowski

Exhibition / ph. Franciszek Ammer

Exhibition / ph. Franciszek Ammer

Exhibition / ph. archiwum ŁDF



The organization of the 10th Łodź Design Festival was possible thanks to the support of City of Łódź, Minister of Culture and National Hąeritage and Łódź Voivodeship. The main patron of the festival Ceramika Paradyż, and main sponsor: Interprint and Ilva. Main partner 10th ŁDF was IKEA, and the automotive partner Audi. Partners of ŁDF were: Lako, Porta Drzwi, Centrum Architekta, Geberit, I love Water, Koło, Ton, Chors, Barlinek Institute of Design, OFF Piotrkowska Center, OPG Property Professionals, Terma, Rosenthal, Hotel Tobaco, Przerwa, Milionova Fabryka Designu, Porcelana Kristoff, Progressivo, Rumuński Instytut Kultury, Virako, Dom, Doki Gastrobar, Muzeum Fabryki, Manufaktura, Monopolis, Kronospan, Strefa Płyt, Galeria FF, Łódzki Dom Kultury, Muzeum na Kółkach, Muzeum Polin, Fabryka Sztuki, Empik, Disney, Wood & Paper, Rodan, Graphic Design Festival Breda, priv.magazine, Niebostan., United, HP, CAD Projekt K&A, Muzeum Miasta Łodzi. The media patronage over the event was taken by: M jak Mieszkanie, Moje Mieszkanie, Dobre Wnętrze, Architektura-murator, Design Alive, Dom & Wnętrze, Cztery Kąty, BIZNES,, Exspace, F5,, Elle Decoration.