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Address: Festival Center (Art_Inkubator) View on map


Zone: Building A, Room A22


Curators: Katarzyna Ludwisiak, Michał Piernikowski


The problems that the cities have had to face, the scale of their impact on the inhabitants or the forms of urbanisation have changed over time. However, attempts to create a blueprint for the ideal model were made in almost all eras. These included the theories for the construction of the entire cities or individual districts, but also for transport solutions or specific amenities in the area of interior design.  


The “Futuropolis” exhibition presents the most daring, feasible projects that are nevertheless firmly grounded in a given reality. Presented concepts are only a sample of the ideas and implementations that have been created. It is worth filtering each of these projects through the main idea behind them, as no town or city should not be considered without its context and the philosophy behind its development. After all, knowledge of ideal towns and cities and the ideas that were the basis for their creation them allows us to reflect on contemporary urbanisation issues.