Till the trunks keep growing


Date: 21/05/2024 12:00 – 21:00 22/05/202426/05/2024 10:00 – 21:00

Address: Festival Center (Art_Inkubator) View on map


Zone: Building A, Hall A22


Curators: Katarzyna Ludwisiak, Michał Piernikowski


Exhibition design: Katarzyna Ludwisiak


Studies conducted over several decades around the world indicate an undeniable link between the amount of green space, especially wooded areas, on the quality and length of human life. Not surprisingly, natural medicine, which has been used since ancient times, along with the development of medicine, technology or scientific research has become an integral part of many medical systems. Despite that, the decline of trees in cities is still reported.


The Till the trunks keep growing exhibition will introduce visitors to the beneficial effects of nature and why it is precisely so important in cities. Especially now, with the challenges of climate change and increasing urbanization, when it is essential to base city planning projects on green growth. Thanks to the research and statistics presented, including those provided by the Tree Map of Lodz, the exhibition will raise awareness among residents, helping them to see and appreciate the role of plants in their immediate surroundings.


Above all, community tree inventories are a useful activity. We learn about nature in an active and involved way. Our ability to identify tree species, the patterns of tree development and the many relations trees have with other organisms increases step by step. It is also an extremely enjoyable activity. Inventorying trees involves focusing deeply on the individual tree. This brief moment of intense observation pulls us out of the daily routine and allows us to find peace even on a busy street. It is not only trees, but also the inventory of trees that build comfort in the city.”Szymon Iwanowski, Mapa Drzew Łodzi