UAP Collective | Amusements

Date: 18/05/2023 17:30 – 21:00 19/05/202321/05/2023 10:00 – 20:00 22/05/202325/05/2023 10:00 – 18:00 26/05/202328/05/2023 10:00 – 20:00

Address: Festival Center (Art_Inkubator) View on map


Zone: Building C, Level 1


Curators: Mateusz Wróblewski, Julia Błaszczyńska


„…told for the sole pleasure of telling.” P. P. Pasolini, Canterbury Tales. 


The exhibition explores the theme of finding oneself in a relationship with another person through a moment of mindfulness, with all the engaged in the experience of a specific atmosphere that consists of seemingly trifling things. We wish to find a pleasure akin to immersing oneself in a colourful story, where the joy is in being-in rather than in reaching the endpoint. The pieces on display include industrial products, unique design, graphic art, painterly works as well as sculptural forms. Their mutual dialogue is multifaceted, from the materials, textures and patterns that manifest the personalities of the creators to the ideas enchanted in the objects, prompting reflection on the current human condition. Visually, it all yields a homogeneity of mood, an even pulse that generates a force of attraction compelling one to sit for a while and touch—physically and mentally. 


Authors of works: Marzena Wolińska “NOMO”; Małgorzata Paruch-Piotrowska i Magdalena Jugo “LABA Coffee set”, “TILT Grayware plant pot collection”; Mateusz Wróblewski “Tamara collection”; Mateusz Słociński “Shuttle stool”; Martyna Pająk “ONA-JA”, “EGO”; Wojciech Mazur “seria Blue”; Paulina Buczyńska “LINU collection”, “LITUM collection”; Dorota Januszek “story weaving”; Michał Filipiak “MAUNA collection”, “OI lamp”, “HODE collection”; Patrycja Mikołajczak “InVerse” ; Wojtek Tężycki “without title”; Joanna Leciejewska “Ovale collection”; Szymon Zwoliński “object no.1”; Maciej Kozłowski „Over and over again”.


Parnter of the exhibition is Forner spółka z o. o.