“Gutt” Kitchen Knife Stand

DESIGN: Maria Żołyńska



make me! 2018


The idea was to create an object that would be part of kitchen architecture and at the same time an element of food and cooking culture. Building materials such as: marble, granite, ceramics and concrete, as well as the shape of the holder, create one form representing the concept of a kitchen in a technological and ideological sense. The holder is made of terrazzo which gives you many aesthetic possibilities. Cement can be colored and conglomerate create countless combinations. The use of ceramic waste to create the terrazzo structure may be an interesting ecological feature. “Gutt”, though organic in form, through the material used also bears the mark of the cold architecture of “brutalism.” I really like this juxtaposition where the contemporary and witty treatment of the subject, combined with the very old technology, gives a fresh modernist result.

“Gutt” Kitchen Knife Stand, design: Maria Żołyńska / from the designer’s archive

“Gutt” Kitchen Knife Stand, design: Maria Żołyńska / from the designer’s archive

Maria Żołyńska

My passion have always been art, design and ceramics. Currently, I combine the professional duties of Graphic Designer and Interaction Designer (UX / UI) with artistic activity in the field of ceramics, in which I realize my own projects of pottery, while engaging also in the design of gardens and urban space. The idea of “reuse – remake” is close to me, maybe even in a wider or different sense than the generally accepted definition. I am inspired by everyday life and nature. Objects that are of no interest to anyone in the design field, filtered through my experience, take on a new function or become something completely new.