DESIGN: Tobias Trübenbacher



make me! 2020

3rd make me! Paradyż Award (ex aequo) 10.000 PLN funded by Ceramika Paradyż


Today, the access to electricity is existential. Even small amounts of energy mean huge improvements of living conditions. However, 1.3 billion people still live without electric power supply. While the reasons for this are different, there is one thing all these situations have in common: Under these circumstances people always use fire — for cooking, for heating or to illuminate the darkness at least with a few candles.


IGNIS is a tool that transforms the heat of these flames into electricity and stores it to provide light and power whenever needed. It can simply be placed on a hot stove while cooking. In addition, IGNIS can also produce heat by burning liquids like spirits, any oil or even frying fat that is available in most households. IGNIS is not only a portable lantern, but also a power generator producing its own electricity and offering entirely new opportunities and benefits. It offers a solution of how people all around the world can get access to electricity and light in a sustainable and self-sufficient way.

IGNIS, design: Tobias Tobias Trübenbacher / from designer’s archive

IGNIS, design: Tobias Tobias Trübenbacher / from designer’s archive

IGNIS, design: Tobias Tobias Trübenbacher / from designer’s archive

Tobias Trübenbacher

Tobias Trübenbacher is a product designer, currently based in Berlin. After graduating from school, he was working at the Landestheater Salzburg and interning in different architecture offices, before he started studying industrial design at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. After interning at Munich-based design studio Atelier Steffen Kehrle, Tobias moved to Berlin to continue his studies at the University of the Arts Berlin, where he is currently working in the „design and social context“ department of professor Ineke Hans. Besides studying, from December 2019 until August 2020 Tobias was part of the team of Studio Mark Braun in Berlin. Since three years he is also scholarship holder of the „Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes“.

Tobias’ projects deal with the question of how we want and should live in the future as a quickly changing society facing massive ecological and social challenges. In his work he intends to create a design that not only defines new forms for existing products but rethinks and re-shapes them from scratch, motivating people to a more reflected behavior and lifestyle. His goal is to explore new materials and technologies in order to play a part in creating a better, more sustainable future.