DESIGN: Adrienn Kiraly, Balint Szalai / Itthon Studio



make me! 2021


Many people leave the city of Ada in Vojvodina, the hometown of Bálint and its effects are being felt on economical and social levels. Meanwhile the possibility is given to bring positive changes with the help of strengthening local values.


With itthon. we intend to broaden the possibilities of craftsmen living there, while relying on the traditions and know-how of small-scale industries. We address low-technology workshops that have accumulated huge experience and expertise, to create a collection of objects together.


Our first collection contains small series of handmade home goods made of natural materials. Like wood that was cut out in the neighbourhood, homegrown cane and clay that’s been the material of pots and cookware for centuries. The collection is inspired by the moderate common sense of peasants’ culture and the colours of the land. The objects combine local values and know-how with the tools of contemporary design, which creates new market opportunities for the community. But more importantly we aim to form a community of object makers. Given that, the creation of a single product may consciously call for the joint work of various workshop.


We are convinced that designers can play a catalytic role through community projects that create positive social impact. Throughout our project we aim to motivate the community to use their artisanal heritage. We want to highlight their opportunities to turn this know-how for their advantage, prospering in a more sustainable future.

itthon., design: Adrienn Kiraly, Balint Szalai (Itthon Studio) / from designer’s archive

itthon., design: Adrienn Kiraly, Balint Szalai (Itthon Studio) / from designer’s archive

itthon., design: Adrienn Kiraly, Balint Szalai (Itthon Studio) / from designer’s archive

Adrienn Kiraly, Balint Szalai / Itthon Studio

We are Adri and Bálint product designers and the founders of itthon. We believe that by amplifying the local values with the help of design we can initiate positive changes in a community.

Bálint was born and raised in Ada, while Adri grew up in Budapest. They both studied product design at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. This is where they met and started to work on projects together. During last few years they studied and worked in several places like London, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Kyoto.

After gaining diverse international experience they started their own design studio. At the same time they have also launched a collection of carefully crafted, low-volume objects made in collaboration with local artisans.