Jute Tile

DESIGN Laura van de Wijdeven (Atelier LVDW)



make me! 2020


Atelier LVDW created the wall tiles made of jute fibers – waste from Forbo Flooring Systems a world leader in the production of floor coverings. The tiles are made of 50% from Forbo Flooring jute fibers. Jute fiber is the only waste material in the production process of Forbo linoleum. By combining it with plaster, the fluff is transformed into very strong tiles with distinct patterns. The original properties of the plaster are changed by this addition. Giving this waste material a second life and new durable purpose. By using this waste material, Forbo linoleum becomes a zero-waste product.

Jute Tile, design: Laura van de Wijdeven (Atelier LVDW) / from designer’s archive

Jute Tile, design: Laura van de Wijdeven (Atelier LVDW) / from designer’s archive

Jute Tile , design: Laura van de Wijdeven (Atelier LVDW) / from the designer’s archive

Laura van de Wijdeven (Atelier LVDW)

Atelier LVDW is the material research and design studio of Laura van de Wijdeven, based in Rotterdam the Netherlands. She graduated at the Lifestyle Design department at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam in 2016. Her love for nature and the creation of materials evolved into her own design studio in 2017. The studio researches the future of materials to maintain our connection with nature. Inspired by the social impact of the materials we use in daily life and which we surround ourselves with. Translating this inspiration into surface and material design and developing products that contribute to Biophilic surroundings. Laura strongly believes in the benefits of natural materials on modern human environments. By the use of organic waste streams, she likes to show the possibilities of new natural materials.