DESIGN: Dominika and Agnieszka Pułapa



make me! 2018


The MINIMUM mirror created from a single element is the simplest, clean form allowing mass industrial production. The main assumption was to bring the creation process to a minimum. This process begins with the laser cutting of the object in stainless steel. The flat surface is polished to obtain a mirror image. After bending the profile, the base is powder coated. The innovation of the project lies in the form of unbreakable material. The inspiration was the lamp from the PIXAR studio productions, which precedes the films with its light, funny jump. The name MINIMUM defines all the advantages of the product, which are: minimalistic, graphic, friendly form, simplicity of production and the uniqueness of a permanent, unbreakable mirror. The collection consists of two sizes (200mm and 150mm of the mirror diameter) and different colors.

Minimum, design: Dominika and Agnieszka Pułapa / from the designer’s archive

Minimum, design: Dominika and Agnieszka Pułapa / from the designer’s archive

Dominika and Agnieszka Pułapa

Dominika graduated from the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, while Agnieszka received a diploma in business psychology at the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. The knowledge gained by Dominika during the internship at Normann Copenhagen inspired them to join forces and create a design studio. They have skills that complement one another. In their opinion, the best designers are nature and mother. Both have inspired them from the early years of childhood and shaped their minimalist, strict approach to creation. As psychology enthusiasts, they want to build interaction between the object and the user.