4Senior line of non-stigmatizing furniture

DESIGN: Jan Godlewski



must have 2022


Innovative, non-stigmatizing furniture 4Senior is a unique project on the market, ideally responding to the problem of an aging society, particularly visible in highly developed countries. The basic task of the furniture is to assist in mobility and adapt the environment to the needs of the elderly. Thanks to that, they will be the perfect equipment for private apartments and specialized nursing homes. Both the entire 4Senior collection and individual pieces were designed with great attention to every detail. Thanks to this, it will be perfect furnishing for private apartments and specialist nursing homes.


The basic task of the furniture is to help the elderly move around and adapt the surroundings to their needs. The furniture is equipped with castors and handles, which make it possible to change the location of the furniture without having to bend down. The handles can provide support when sitting down and standing up and allow you to hang up your cane. Additionally, their contrasting color is more visible for people with low vision. All furniture has high wooden frames, which help in easier cleaning and robotic cleaning. The furniture details have been rounded to avoid angular elements. The 4Senior non-stigmatizing furniture line is a product innovation in serialized furniture for everyday use.