“Adele the Panther and Her Eco-Fellows” – children’s book

DESIGN: Kasia Walentynowicz and Paweł F. Majka (concept), Paweł F. Majka (text), Kasia Walentynowicz (illustrations), Beata Danowska (graphic design)

THE MANUFACTURER’S NAME: Wydawnictwo Widnokrąg


must have 2022


Adele the Panther and her friends share their ideas on caring for the environment in a simple and pleasant way. For example, you can draw on both sides of a piece of paper, wear nice patches on your trousers or exchange toys with your friends! You can also HELP OBJECTS: heal the water tap of its runny nose, let the light bulb take a nap when you are away from home or help the book you already read experience an adventure in another home. The text is full of rhymes and humour – why don’t you have fun reading about vital issues?


The book clearly explains the essence of an environmentally friendly lifestyle and encourages children to follow it every day. It is robust owing to thick cardboard pages, and so after some time, it can be handed over to other readers, as suggested by one of the characters. The book reveals the following messages: care for the environment is demonstrated in simple, everyday activities; anybody can act for nature, even a child; humans are a part of the world, and each of us is responsible for our planet’s well-being.


The book was nominated in the Design of the Year 2020/2021 competition held by the Association of Professional Polish Graphic Designers in the “Environmentally Friendly Design” category.