Baltic chair

DESIGN: Krystian Kowalski



must have 2022


The Baltic chairs, designed by Krystian Kowalski, are a new level of comfortable aesthetics. The designer has created a timeless piece of furniture with high adaptability to contexts. Baltic chairs were designed with a few versions of the seat and the base, which allows them to take up different roles. They all feature a functional and interior-friendly design that answers the needs of the user.


The Soft Duo version on a swivel base creates a cozy niche for the sitting person. Soft ruffled cushion and upholstered shell seat wrap around the user, providing them with maximum comfort. The original four-star base gives the chair a modern lightness. Its characteristic detail combines aesthetics with constructional precision. As a result, the Baltic Soft Duo can be an office or a dining chair, as well as a lounge armchair – and thanks to that it will fit offices, homes and public interiors.