Biolen Terra Collection of ecological wallcoverings digitally printed on organic flax

DESIGN: Joanna Dulewicz, Kamil Kopaczka and Mikołajska Studio



must have 2021


Biolen Terra is a collection of contemporary wallpaper designs inspired by nature and art; printed with ecological water-based inks. Biolen wallcoverings were created with the environment in mind, in the spirit of the slogan “good for you, good for the planet”. The material used for its printing is natural flax from organic European crops. The cultivation of flax is pro-ecological: it fertilizes the soil, requires much less water compared to other natural fibres and the only production waste is the dust generated during its processing. When time to replace the wallpaper comes, it can return to nature through the composter. Flax wallpaper is perfect as thermal insulation. In addition, the fibres can absorb 35% of air humidity and release it when needed. Flax has also bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties. The Biolen wall covering improves the acoustics of the room and is nice in touch.