Book NEIGHBOURS Art Against War

DESIGN: Magda Rejman / Drukomat (originator), Patryk Hardziej / Hardziej Studio (Art. Director), 114 artists (authors of works)



must have 2023


The NEIGHBOURS Art Against War book is the only publication of its kind in the world, including 114 works by artists from 7European countries: Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Hungary and Belarus. The publication brings together a portion of the vast artistic output, whose leitmotif is war in our neighbour. The key to the collection of 114 works was the close proximity of Ukraine. Illustrations and graphics, which are a collection of diverse emotions of artists, have been published in two versions of the album:  

  • collector’s version (open spine, each copy numbered, limited edition of 500 copies, exclusive packaging),

  • standard version (soft sewn and glued binding).


All proceeds from the sale of albums and posters are donated to Martyna Wojciechowska’s UNAWEZA Foundation for direct aid to Ukrainian children from orphanages and children from foster families. The Neighbors Project has already donated the amount of PLN 150.000 to the Unaweza Foundation.