Braniki stone trays

DESIGN: Agata Knorowska and Tomasz Knorowski



must have 2023


Braniks, or coasters for favorite things, portions of daily pleasures. You can put a cup of coffee on them, a bottle of perfume, use them instead of a jewelry box or treat them as a decorative element. The stone circles of different sizes, ending with piping like cookies, are the author’s idea of interior designer Agata Knorowska.


The characteristic grooving in the shape of petals reminiscent of biscuits and flower petals is the main motif of Branik’s first collections. The new collections include stone inlays in the form of a heart and inlaid censers. The latest products are layered vases, the idea of which is to emphasize the properties of individual types of stones, how light works in them, and the veining that creates decorative patterns in the thickness of the stone.