Cells – tables collection

DESIGN: Wiktoria Lenart



must have 2022


Our houses, apartments, and furnishings are based on straight lines, angles, and symmetry. Such an environment is unnatural for a person, it causes anxiety and is tiring for our brain. This observation was an inspiration to create furniture in bionic shapes, referring to blood cells. Cells tables in oval, organic shapes make the interior more gentle in reception and bring harmony.


Cells tables collection:

  • ERIT – inscribed in a square measuring 130 cm x 130 cm;

  • LIM – is a shape resembling an irregular pebble or a lymphocyte inscribed in a rectangle measuring 130 cm x 100 cm;

  • LEUCO – inscribed in a rectangle measuring 180 cm x 100 cm.


Each tabletop can be combined with 3 available leg heights: 50 cm, 75 cm and 95 cm, which allows us to create as many as 9 different tables. Cells tables can be almost freely scaled up to 3 meters in length according to the project needs.


Colored tables can be made in any color from the RAL or NCS palette. Cells tables are varnished only in S-Mat technology, which gives a deep matte effect, guarantees the best possible protection against damage, and has self-healing properties. For the needs of office interiors, wiring with sockets in the countertop can be led inside the leg.


Radaba’s activities in relation to the natural environment:

  • table bases are made of popular furniture productions waste. Thanks to the specific production technology, the bases not only look phenomenal but are a classic example of upcycling;

  • Cells tables are FSC® certified;

  • in packaging, we use 98% easy-to-process materials – cardboard boxes and cardboard edgings;

  • more than 50% of the electricity needed to produce Ragaba furniture comes from our own photovoltaic installation.