Collecion “Irena”

DESIGN: RAD DUET  Maciej Józwicki i Juliusz Rusin



must have 2023


/Irena is a female name of Greek origin, meaning: the one who brings peace/ 


New collection “Irena” is the second part of the triptych, in which we touch on the next chapter of Polish stories. This time we deal with the era of the People’s Republic of Poland with particular emphasis on the period of “prosperity” of the 70s. After the folkloristic “Wiesia” we move to the city to disenchant another, aesthetically controversial stage of history. We examine the ups and downs of that time, comparing it to today’s unstable period, political and economic situation. Conceptually, the collection is divided into three sections: the first one is inspired by social issues (working-class revolution of the Solidarity movement, activism, and propaganda), the second section is about “ordinary”, domestic, everyday life, and “illusory section” with highly glamorous silhouettes build around crystals.