Collection: New Stone. Made by Homo Sapiens

DESIGN: Anna Orska, Boomplastic, Weronika Banaś



must have 2021


Plastic entered our reality with impetus only a century ago and to this day has almost completely dominated it. This long-lasting material is far too often used only once. ORSKA has developed a concept of reincarnation of a useless object, driven by anxiety about what we will leave behind. The designer reached for post-industrial plastic and subjected it to experimental treatment. The artistic, jewellery craftsmanship interpretation of plastic has created a collection at the heart of which is a synthetic stone. Black blocks with a rainbow-like shimmer and texture reminiscent of crystallization known from natural minerals have been stamped with a seal indicating its origin – “made by Homo Sapiens” – and being a reminder that our works are also our responsibility. The planet cannot cope alone with everything that is left of us when we are gone, and it will have particular difficulty with products that do not come from it. ORSKA jewel is proof that an object of desire can be created even from one of the most problematic materials in the world.