Collection of ceramic vessels

DESIGN: Marcin Kuberna 



must have 2023


A piece of handiwork. Uneven, unassuming, humble. Ceramics with a personality. 


Imperfect and imbued with a tinge of bonhomie, each GRÔPK amorphous vessel, vase or decorative object captures a sense of a standstill – an offering from a lost world. In harmony with the primordial technique they are made with, the pieces evoke all that is organic rather than man-made and tell stories of neolithic cultures, organic matter and times long before civilisation. Vague, biomorphic forms of insect nests, beehives and anthills nod towards the earthly, whereas surreally melted silhouettes of corals, seashells and fossils allude to the earliest of life in the sea.