DESIGN: Aleksandra Mętlewicz, Mateusz Gaczkowski



must have 2023


Colline is a comprehensive line of acoustic panels that enables the creation of a pleasant soundscape in any given space – be it an office, home office, bedroom, lounge at the airport or hotel room. 


It merges a high class of sound absorption with impeccable aesthetics and modular construction with a wide range of colors and accessories enabling full customisation. Taking inspiration from both the world of nature and modern art it can be used to create stunning visual compositions while significantly reducing noise and – consequently – decreasing stress levels and enhancing motivation and efficiency.


Colline panels were designed and manufactured with minimising the impact on the environment in mind. Being easily customisable and unusually durable they will serve for a very long time, and even when their lifecycle will come to an end, they can be easily dismantled and recycled. One can even cut the panels to size or get holes for lamps and electrical outlets.