DESIGN: Aleksandra Kujawska



must have 2023


Made by hand the decanters, using the traditional glasswork technique, blown into a wooden beech mould. 


Each of them has a unique character and decorations resulting from manual work and the natural burning of the wood of the form. Corks for decanters are lapped using old glass techniques – individually. Only the cork fits the carafe. Colorless decanters and glasses are made of crystal glass. Rosaline and blue carafes are made of high-quality sodium glass colored in the mass. 


The huge glasses, thanks to thin-walled blowing, are light and handy, they can be used on both sides, because the leg of the glass can also be a bowl. The whole set is a bit fairy-tale, slightly scaled, and thus distracting thoughts from everyday life. I hope it will delight users and give them a lot of joy. Cheers!