Console Hal

DESIGN: Agata Nowak

THE MANUFACTURER’S NAME: Borcas Kinga Smardz – Gawłowska


must have 2022


Hal wooden console – the perfect place to store.


Tidied space in each apartment is the key to the harmony, order and aesthetics of the entire interior. That’s why the Borcas brand have created a Hal console, which is great for the hall, but not only. This is one of the unique pieces of furniture from the Berlin collection, which symbolizes a return to the Bauhaus design and aesthetics. The consumer has many storage options – both on the top shelf and on the bottom shelf. In addition, there is also a storage compartment with a drawer at your disposal. There you can hide small items such as keys or business cards. The round stand, on the other hand, is a great place to put your favorite plant in a pot or other decorations. The Hal console is not only practical, but also has a unique structure in solid oak wood and bent metal tubes. There are two color variants to choose form – oak wood in a natural version and deep black. It all depends on what visual effect you want to achieve. The entire structure of the hall console, however, gives it a visual lightness. Even if you store a lot of items there, it will still have a decorative function.