COSMIC mirror collection

DESIGN: Szpunar Studio (Nikodem Szpunar i Kamila Niedzwiedzka)



must have 2022


COSMIC is a collection of highly decorative mirrors made with innovative technology. The printed pop-art patterns create an effect of interference – at a certain angle, some areas of the mirrors become blackened and create fascinating shadows and streaks. As a result, cosmic mirrors look different depending on the viewing angle; they resemble abstract paintings rather than dynamic mirrors.


The mirrors and their design refer to planets. The collection includes Neptune – the blue planet, Jupiter – the planet with permanent thunderstorms and hurricanes, Venus – the planet of fire and Mars – the red planet. All fans of extraordinary interior designs will love the mirrors. They will make perfect decorations for home interiors and public spaces.


The printed ornament is adequately protected so the mirror can be cleaned in a standard way. It is available in two diameter sizes: 50 and 100 cm.


The COSMIC mirror collection design results from GieraDesign and Szpunar Studio collaboration.


GieraDesign is a family-owned mirror manufacturing company established to combine the family’s craftwork tradition with their love for design. The secrets of the trade, transmitted from one generation to another, help create unique products whose quality and design are appreciated by clients and professionals (GieraDesign mirrors were awarded in numerous prestigious competitions, including German Design Award 2022, Red Dot Award 2020).


Szpunar Studio was founded by Nikodem Szpunar and Kamila Niedzwiedzka – designers and graduates of the Faculty of Design, Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. Both artists design furniture for industrial production and items being nearly objects of art, blending their individual experiences in furniture and clothing design. Their works were presented in international fairs, exhibitions and events.