CREMA butter dish

DESIGN: arta Niemywska-Grynasz and Dawid Grynasz (Grynasz Studio) [design], Monika Walecka (bakery „Cała w mące”) [co-operation]

THE MANUFACTURER’S NAME: Zakłady Porcelany Stołowej „Karolina” dla marki ZACZYN


must have 2022


CREMA porcelain butter dish is a result of cooperation of ZACZYN brand with Grynasz Studio and Monika Walecka, the owner of „Cała w Mące” artisan bakery. Their common love for bread, butter and design resulted in this unique project that combines the beauty of the material and the story of daily rituals centred around the table and food. CREMA butter dish made of the highest quality porcelain from Table Porcelain Manufactory „Karolina” encourages to celebrate meals. Its shape resembles the waves left by a wooden knife on the surface of a slice of bread. For some it brings to mind butter sticks prepared in classic butter moulds, once used in France and Germany.

CREMA butter dish has an ergonomic design, allowing persons with limited hand dexterity to use it (featuring an ergonomic, gripping handle of the lid, and the collar of the base, thanks to which the butter dish can be lifted or moved with both hands, without the need to grip it with the fingers).


The size of the butter dish assumes the use of smaller amounts of butter (a small stick or half a block). This is in the spirit of zero waste, where the amount of butter stored is proportional to the scale of consumption and the butter does not spoil.


When working on the overall concept, great importance was attached to the aspect of supporting local producers, minimizing energy consumption and taking care of natural resources.