DESIGN:  MML Architekci



must have 2022


ELLIPSE acoustic panels have been designed according to the principles of sustainable architecture. New VANK technology uses materials that are renewable, recycled or of biological origin. The first material for the panels, rPET, is based on recycled polyester fibres. The second material is a BIOcomposite based on annually renewable fibre plants. Flax or hemp during its rapid growth phase absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere and converts it into biomass. Both the polyester unwoven fabric and the natural fibre are formed into a stable geometry, offering excellent insulation and sound absorption.


VANK shared its sustainable technology with architects who genuinely think and design in accordance with the circular cycle, i.e. the Nice Young People design group. They designed a new ELLIPSE acoustic panel pattern that can be combined to create different configurations. ELLIPSE acoustic panels are used in collections of cubicles, walls and acoustic panels.