Finishing clay plaster. Earth colours collection – light gray

DESIGN: COSTKA Budownictwo Naturalne – Marcin Kacprzyk



must have 2023


Clay plasters are a non-toxic alternative to wall coverings for residential and commercial interiors. Embodies the art of the possible, thanks to its extraordinary versatility that allows you to achieve unique effects. The interior gains unique exclusivity in harmony with nature. 


COSTKA thin-layer clay plaster is ecological and contains only natural ingredients. Free of harmful chemicals, it is originally pure, and its use has health properties for humans.  


They are produce and sell ecological clay plasters in powder form, which makes them even more environmentally friendly. 


All products are ethically made in the Suwałki Region, in a small manufactory. The colours of the plasters are the result of the use of clays from different regions of Poland, so they are not pigmented products. The richness and variety of clay allowed us to create a collection of colours of the Polish earth, naturally beautiful in their simplicity.