FJORD collection

DESIGN: Marcin Jędrzak, D.A.



must have 2021


The FJORD collection features a bathtub and a washbasin with distinctive, irregular shape. Their organic form corresponds to the popular trend of going back to nature. At the same time, they are a solution for those of us looking for models designed in an original way, giving the bathroom a bold look and style. Both the bathtub and the washbasin are made entirely of the AQUASTONE® stone composite. It is also used to produce manhole covers. Hence, the models boast a modern, uniform look and can be easily matched with fixing in any colour or style. The material itself exhibits a pleasant texture that is warm to the touch and comes in matt or gloss finish.


FJORD bathtub is a model that is pretty much universal. The straight line of one of its sides allows the piece to be installed against the wall. However, in a larger bathroom, it can be used as a free-standing bathtub. The model boasts well-engineered ergonomics – its fitting length makes it possible to sit in it in the most comfortable position, i.e. with your legs slightly bent. Fittingly-shaped sides and a drain located in the middle of the bathtub allow for a couple to enjoy a soak together. It is an ideal model for creating a family SPA at home – an intimate space conductive to relaxation for the body and the senses. Countertop FJORD washbasin boasts the same irregular shape. To some, it will resemble a drop of water, to others – a stone. Either way, it will speak to everyone, due to the comfort it provides during everyday hand washing or beauty treatments.


All FJORDD models are made of the AQUASTONE® stone composite consisting of two thirds of dolomite rock. FJORDD has enriched it with a hydrophobic component. With a smooth texture the surfaces of bathtubs and washbasins are dirt-repellent and way more hygienic. The natural origin of the material makes it completely safe for use; it does not lose its natural colour and the water in the bathtub keeps its temperature longer.