Flu Sens DX – mobile diagnostic station

DESIGN: Wiktoria Lenart, cooperation: Natalia and Michał Cząstkiewiczowie



must have 2020


The company creates a comprehensive solution for people and animals, which includes: flu sensors (flu-sensor), including those that precisely recognize influenza viruses, rhinovirus, stroptococcus pyogenes bacteria or Haemphilus influenza (multinsensor), and sensors detecting respiratory diseases in calves (VETiSens) and other cattle and pig diseases (Biosensors). This test is produced in two versions – for an individual patient and for use in doctor’s offices, hospitals, clinics, laboratories and pharmacies. This research activity is accompanied by work on a special application for reading the result on mobile devices and software for collecting and analyzing this data, creating a system for real-time monitoring of the development of influenza around the world. Everyone will be able to download it to their device for free from the AppStore (for iOS devices) and Google Play (for Android devices).