H.Server / LAR 200

DESIGN: Jakub Sojka



must have 2022


The set consists of a conical top part (dripper) that matches the V60-02 filters. Its inner glazed wall contains 24 protrusions that help the water flow freely across the surface of the paper filter.


The server, which is the bottom part of the set, has a special undercut of the base, which, together with the walls of the vessel tapering towards the top, facilitates the mixing of the brew. Moreover, it has characteristic protruding planes that act as handles making it easier to carry the hot vessel.


The LAR 200 mL vessel, similarly to the server, due to its shape allows the brew to mix freely and accumulates its aroma just above the edge of the bowl. Additionally, it serves as a stopper for the server, delaying the cooling of the coffee.


The pleasure of using this ceramic set lies in its simplicity. The capacity of the dipper is adjusted so that it can be filled twice in a 3-minute coffee extraction process.