Hardwood floor Zero Waste Oak Air

DESIGN: Janusz Gawiński (Dyrektor Generalny Jawor-Parkiet)

THE MANUFACTURER’S NAME: Producent Podłóg Drewnianych Jawor-Parkiet 


must have 2023


Zero Waste Oak Air from the collection of two-layer wooden floors Zero Waste, which exposes wood imperfections and transforms the natural features of the raw material into its advantages, reminds us that beauty is hidden in nature. Each element is different and unique. We find here numerous knots, sometimes even very visible, natural color differences, cracks and a rich grain pattern. The collection consists of 10 decors. Air Oak is a light, subtle with a cold color between white and gray. The clear outline of the rings brings to mind the movements of air that wrap around the face bringing relief after a warm day. It will emphasize the immaculate nature of space and the minimalism of interiors. Charm of the floor is highlighted by additional refining processes such as oil-waxing, brushing and four-sided beveling.

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