DESIGN: Krystian Kowalski 



must have 2023


The sculptural beauty of this memorable piece comes from a very simple and yet sophisticated juxtaposition of two complementary parts. They seem to be filled with air, as if they were about to take off. This contrasts with the solidity of the base, either upholstered integrally with the seat or built of solid oak wood, or even tubular steel. Inspired by modernism of the late 1960s, Kite aims to inspire emotions while effortlessly offering genuine ergonomic qualities that are apparent from its silhouette. The firmly accentuated curves of the seat and the backrest emphasize the soft parts, while the clean, seamless outer parts articulate the solid form from the outside. Kite’s design and functionality complement each other within a meaningful design, which represents a carefully considered use of state-of-the-art technology. 


The shell is made of polyester resin. It is filled with mould-injected foam of the seat and the backrest.