Light sculpture KOPI HOME by Michał Korchowiec

DESIGN: Michał Korchowiec



must have 2022


Michał Korchowiec is a visual artist, theater set designer, and documentary director. Light sculptures made by Michał Korchowiec have been on sale since November 2021. Previously they were the object made to cheer him up during the gray depressive time of the pandemia. Michał’s works were noticed by Natalia Kopiszka, who invited him to collaborate on her new project KOPI HOME. His aesthetic is in perfect harmony with Natalia’s concept. He makes unique sculptures out of vintage, glass lampshades from the 1920s-1980s by combining their elements to find a beautiful but also stable and closed shape. But not only the exterior is important to him. He is interested in creating unusual colors of the light obtained by color glass filters inside the objects. Often he thinks about Rothko and color-field paintings while creating his sculptures. Colorful light heals and helps with anxiety. Michał’s sculptures look like good spirits or distant planets. They love to live among the people. They have something anthropomorphic themselves. Their light is alive, and changes throughout the day and night. Saturated yellows transform into a softer off-white at sundown, while other colors become sharper and brighter. That is the magic of the human perception of light.