ŁÓDŹ. An Illustrated Atlas of Architecture

DESIGN: Magdalena Piwowar – Siostry Piwowar Studio 

THE MANUFACTURER’S NAME: Centrum Architektury


must have 2023


The atlas boasts 65 entries selected by Anna Ciarkowska and Błażej Ciarkowski, the authors of the book. Along with the oldest monuments, palaces and factories, the selection includes less well-known modernist buildings, pavilions from the socialist era, neon signs, murals and sculptures. Each object is represented by a drawing and a note in Polish and English. The book is 96-page long and of 148×220 mm size, with hard cover. 


The book design is here not so much an added value, but rather the key concept for the publication and the way of depicting architecture. All objects have been shown in drawings. In effect, despite the diversity of architectural forms, the atlas is visually coherent. Thanks to synthetic approach, the main features of buildings’ style and composition have been emphasised