Mateko Aria Hybrid Air Purifier

DESIGN: Aleksander Matecki



must have 2022


Mateko Aria is a hybrid combination of a classic air purifier with technology that uses the natural purification process by plants – phytoremediation.


Aria has a simple, universal, cylindrical body. The front features a modern display, which allows you to fully operate the device. The classic Aria air purification technology uses germicidal UV-C light, a three-layer activated carbon filter, a latest generation HEPA H13 filter, a mechanical pre-filter and an ion generator.


Above all, the device stands out for its innovative use of phytoremediation in the air purification process, where the root system of plants absorbs heavy metals, toxic substances, viruses and bacteria. Research conducted by NASA shows that phytoremediation is a very effective method of air purification.


Mateko Aria is enriched with a Plant Library application that facilitates the selection of plants by segregating them according to their purifying properties, cultivation requirements, sunlight preferences, etc.