Modular school furniture

DESIGN: Klaudia Gołaszczyk, Michał Biernacki, Paweł Mularczyk

THE MANUFACTURER’S NAME: Roman Pilch Zakład Produkcyjno-Handlowy Pilch


must have 2021


The modular furniture allows the creation of different customised systems, depending on the type of classes. An adequate arrangement of the desks can facilitate children’s communication during group work. The desks are featured with extra elements that can be unfolded to provide a larger working area. The solution proves helpful, e.g. during art classes. The available worktop finishing materials include linoleum which minimises unwanted sound that can distract children suffering from sound sensitivity (hyperacusis).


The modular design of the cupboards facilitates their adaptation to individual needs and classroom dimensions. The furniture sizes are adjustable to the child’s height while observing the standard requirements.


Some parts of the chairs and other furniture pieces are coated with dry-erase paint, where you can write with a felt-tip pen or chalk. They can be used for writing the child’s name on their assigned chair or drawer.


The set includes a chair, school desks for one or two children, a modular cupboard, a school desk for disabled children and screens that can be used as portable boards to write on. The sets are available in two sizes: for young and older children.


Owing to its attractive appearance, interesting designs, colours and the use of high-quality materials the furniture is not only suitable for schools but can also be used in children’s rooms at home.