Neve Creative by Maja Ganszyniec

DESIGN: Maja Ganszyniec Studio



must have 2023


Neve Creative is another installment of the collaboration between Ceramika Paradyż and the studio of Mai Ganszyniec. Building upon the timeless Modernism collection, iconic corsets and the arranged decors – contrasting, graphic mosaics – were the centerpiece. In Neve Creative, we reverse the order – the decoration is subtle, visible in the rhythm of geometric arrangements of squares and rectangles. It is apparent in the light that accentuates diverse textures, matte and glossy. And in colors, natural and deep.


The functionality of this collection is encapsulated in the timeless nature of the employed elements. Through the interplay of textures, colors, and play of light and shadow, the interiors become spatial. Decoration becomes symbolic, based on subtleties, in line with the ideals of minimalism and the form clearly emerges from the function.