Nomad System bookcase

DESIGN: Agnieszka Możdżer, Dawid Kalemba

THE MANUFACTURER’S NAME: B-line, marka Miuform


must have 2022


Nomad System bookcase responds to the new needs of a mobile society: multifunctionality, quality of construction, longevity, and minimalism. 


Once again, the Miuform brand with its collection refers to the idea of “Less is more”. The natural warmth of oak, perfectly smooth construction elements in combination with steel, shelves rounded at the edges in anthracite colour offer a haptic experience. The shelves and different heights of the wooden rods included in the set are enough to create your own versions of the openwork bookcase. The intelligent system of joining shelves and wooden elements allows for self-assembly without tools and additional screws or bolts. You can also build a matching coffee table or a bedside table from parts of the modules. The responsible use of natural wood, cardboard packaging and economical transportation are an expression of care for the planet.