Opera Vegan Bio

DESIGN: Balagan Studio (Agata Matlak-Lutyk, Hanna Ferenc Hilsden)



must have 2022


Iconic Opera ballerina model in the VEGAN&BIO version – they are made of 99% vegan and biodegradable materials that are fully environmentally friendly. They have an upper made of certified recycled cotton, an insole of antiseptic cork and natural coconut fibers – it is very elastic and has cushioning properties. Thanks to this combination of materials, the foot can easily breathe inside the upper and does not sweat. Ballerinas also have a natural, rubber sole made of crepe, i.e. hardened rubber, which is extremely flexible – that makes the shoes light and very comfortable when walking long hours. We’ve designed them with reflection of a world full of overproduction and fast fashion – thanks to Opera VEGAN&BIO natural composition, each pair can be successfully composted and will decompose without harming the environment. In everyday use, they are durable and easy, it’s easy to conveniently remove dirt from the upper and keep them in shape. They are also impregnated with a natural silicon-based agent.