DESIGN: Jakub Barwaniec, Antoni Wędzikowski, Piotr Łuczak 



must have 2023


Pergamin is a platform that is used to handle documents and accelerate document workflow in medium and large companies. The solution allows you to integrate the entire process in one place through the use of modular, interactive templates, in which the legal logic of the document is easily implemented.  


Pergamin reduces the time from business arrangements to signing documents. We emphasize the possibilities associated with the potential of contracts as digital databases, which, thanks to integration with corporate systems, allow you to design an intelligent document structure. Our platform also makes it possible to map a company’s legal policies into every document.  


We are the answer to the inefficient processing of contracts and other legal documents using paper. In the age of remote work, choosing an electronic document workflow solution is a must for companies that want to sell services and hire employees efficiently.