Remioslo Furniture

DESIGN: Weronika Krygicz, Klaudia Piwowarska



must have 2023


The Remioslo armchair collection is a story about the past, present and future, that is, about the return. Furniture considered to be the silent witness of an era now gets a voice and a new life. The combination of utility, history and emotion puts the reuse of old forms on the border of design, craftsmanship and art. We rebel against the idea of impeccability and appreciate what is imperfect and incomplete. We don’t want to replace the “old” with the “new”, we try to make the “old” last. In our works, we “dress” recycled frames in contemporary paintings. We are inspired by the works of Barnett Newman, the architecture of Oskar Niemeyer, Japanese art, or traditional Polish basketry. Working in a sustainable way, respecting the surrounding environment, we use recycled cotton cord, sometimes combining it with paper cord. It’s time to be content with what we have and start limiting our needs, time for humility, simplicity and delight over imperfections.