Sensory platform Good Wood

DESIGN: Magdalena Godziszko, Michał Godziszko, Helena Ebert

THE MANUFACTURER’S NAME: Good Wood Poland (brand), Hefraja Michał Godziszko (company)


must have 2023


Creative – that’s what it is above all. Minimalist and simple, it opens up new worlds for your child  – it can rock, it makes you happy, it helps you learn to write. Such wonders!  


On the one hand, it’s like a flying carpet, because you can swing and balance on it – it’s a lot of fun and a fantastic way for your child to develop. It’s a way of developing gross motor skills, which means movement. On the other hand, it is a graphomotor board, which turns the preparation for learning to write into a beautiful adventure – a play of imagination and discovery of the world with all the senses. 


The platform is pure joy and unfettered development. Kids know this instinctively. For adults, it is worth hinting that it can be a ship on rough waters or a bridge to a lost world. It supports motor skills, develops, and enjoys (straight up amazing!). This is the essence of polysensory teaching, pioneered by Montessori. We have taken care to ensure safety and eco-friendly materials. Nothing but fun!