SUMMER – bedding collection

DESIGN: Gosia Dziembaj (FOONKA)



must have 2022


“The SUMMER collection is freedom, space, peace; marvel at the amazing interplay of colors. It is the horizon we look out to while watching the rising sun and the sound of the waves on the turquoise sea. All around us, summer delights with the intensity of its colors. The patterns of the SUMMER collection are an admiration of the beauty of nature and an attempt to capture those fleeting moments of summer rest.” – says Gosia Dziembaj, the designer of the collection.


The flow of colors and their gently changing tones create the illusion of the most beautiful exotic places we have often dreamt of. Especially on winter and autumn days, or those days on the go, without a moment to rest. Pomegranates and oranges pulled straight from the sunrises, the delicate pinks and purples of sunsets, interpermeating blues and greens of ocean waters – this is summer enclosed in colors.


“The SUMMER collection” is an attempt to hold our favorite season, which is always too short in our latitude. We tried to capture what is most beautiful in the summer months – not only in the colors of the patterns but also in their names. They hide our best connotations with summer.


Sunrise – is a memory of fresh mornings, spelling a hot, beautiful day. Sunset – which brings back all those warm evenings when you do not want to sleep at all because the night promises to be short but intense. Aqua – longing for the refreshing coolness of the water, bringing respite to a hot body.