Tea/coffee set “OTOK”

DESIGN: Zakłady Ceramiczne „BOLESŁAWIEC” Sp. z o.o. w Bolesławcu, Pawlak & Stawarski

THE MANUFACTURER’S NAME: Zakłady Ceramiczne „BOLESŁAWIEC” Sp. z o.o. w Bolesławcu


must have 2021


Designing for the “Bolesławiec” Ceramics Plant, a company with a long and significant tradition, was an interesting challenge for us. We wanted to create a modern set that would match the character of the brand. Our aim was for the project to be different from the traditional forms produced so far, while maintaining a friendly, home-like character. The shapes are simple in form, giving room to decorations, which are to play the main role as the most important value of the products from the “Bolesławiec” Ceramics Plant. Their distinguishing features are round handles, which make the set light and charming. We also designed two original decorations – Terrazzo and Ovale. Our intention was to free the stamp method from rhythm and order. Our decorations take advantage of the best features of this technique, which we believe is ideal for creating a natural, irregular structure like Terrazzo. We wanted our dishes to look good in both modern and traditional decorations.