The collection of handwoven shawls/covers

DESIGN: Beata Wietrzyńska 

THE MANUFACTURER’S NAME: Beata Wietrzyńska / In weave


must have 2023


The collection of hand-woven shawls/covers consists of 7 objects. This project is a contemporary variation on large, checked scarves women used to wrap themselves in the past. 


The shawls were created on a harness loom using the deflected doubleweave technique, practically unknown in Poland. They are double-sided the wearer decides which variant of the pattern she/he wants to highlight. 


The yarn is merino wool with excellent thermoregulatory properties light, warm, breathable and at the same time very soft and nice to touch. The individual colour combinations are unique in the spirit of less waste, high quality end-of-series stock yarns from Italian manufacturers were used in the design. 


The fabrics work well as personal items, they can be a scarf around the neck, cover the back or serve as a blanket. They are equally well suited as decorative objects in an interior, pleasing the eye of the beholder with their graphic form, contrasting colours and meticulous handcraftsmanship.